Key 2 Safe Driving: Do Not Text and Drive

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Texting While Driving:

Are You Becoming a Statistic?

Texting While Driving

Current statistics show that 81% of the population has admitted to texting while driving.

50% of teenagers admit that they do it.

Last year, 29% of accidents were caused by drivers between the ages of 18 and 29 sending and receiving text messages while driving.

Many drivers admit that they are aware of the risks of this driving distraction but continue to do it anyways.

Due to the face that text messaging slows a driver’s reaction time by 30%, texting while driving is being shown to cause greater impairment than being on drugs or drinking while driving.

Accidents caused by texting and driving that result in fatalities are currently half of those caused by drunk driving.

Key2SafeDriving - Safe Driving Systems Activator

Key2SafeDriving has developed a new solution for drivers with cell phones that reads and automatically responds to text messages without the driver ever touching the phone.

This device is a must have for any smart, safe driver that doesn’t want to become the next statistic.

Click Here For The Key2SafeDriving

Click Here For The Key 2 Safe Driving

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